4 Most Popular Weed Products in California

Buy Legal Weed in California

As recreational cannabis become legal across the states slowly but surely, the industry related to it continues to expand and evolve. This subject has been hogging limelight in various debates on news channels, and you can read a new story every fortnight or so about a man who’s making millions baking and selling edibles. If you’re wondering where to buy weed in California you do not need to think long and hard over it as it has been legalized since 1 Jan, 2018 in California and weed lovers can be seen purchasing legalized weed at licensed stores in different locations.


Let us read about top 5 cannabis infused products that have been in demand for most part of 2018.

  1. Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil can be taken in a variety of forms and this versatile feature has made it a hot favorite amongst people looking for legal use. CBD oils are not associated with ”high” that is usually associated with marijuana because it contains minimal traces of THC. This way one can possibly get the desired effects like relief from pain and anxiety, nausea, etc.-without psychoactive reactions. It is available in different forms such as E-liquid, CBD tinctures, and CBD hemp oil.

  1. Cannabis skin care and beauty products

Certain companies and entrepreneurs are now offering cannabis skin care and beauty products that are targetted specifically at women. CBD is the main ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD infused beauty products may be able to fight acne, hydration, and even help users to feel relaxed.

  1. Cannabis beverages

The question now is not where to buy recreational weed in California, but what form of cannabis products to buy. Cannabis beverages means you can drink weed now! You can choose from different cannabis infused beverages such as CBD lemonade, THC infused soothie, CBD sweet tea, Cannabis infused pomegranate, and other varieties that are still in their infancy.

  1. THC-Lemonade-infused Cannabis chocolates

Edibles are popular weed products in California to get high, as they are more potent. Cannabis chocolates have become a sort of trend as more people are looking to try legal weed but in a more ”refined” method than smoking a pot.

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