4 Useful Tips About Marijuana Edibles for Newcomers

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THC and CBD infused edibles are now widely available across various online stores, and if you are over 21 years of age you can buy them as easily as any other product available online. However, before you place an order at THC edibles online store, you need to keep few things in mind so that you can really enjoy its effects without overdoing it, specially if you’re a newcomer. Given below are useful tips for newcomers who will be consuming cannabis infused edibles for the very first time. Read on to know more about these tips.

1. Do not eat Marijuana edibles empty stomach

When taken on an empty stomach, marijuana edibles pack a strong punch. Make sure you have taken something nutritious prior to taking medicated brownies or any other edible. Just like you take a medicine with a meal, take cannabis edibles the same way. Do not take them empty stomach because it can hit you really hard.

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2. Get comfortable

It means that you should first find a relaxing, peaceful location before you ingest cannabis edibles of your choice. You should plan to stay at the same place for few hours. You are likely to feel the effects of the edible after 45-60 minutes of ingestion. Once you begin to experience the intoxicating effect, you should plan on the experience to last for few hours. Marijuana edibles should be taken in a relaxed environment so that you can experience its effects in calm state of mind. Do not drive or ride after you consume them as a precaution.

3. Start small

Start small here means begin by taking small quantities of marijuana edibles of your choice. There’s no need to become excited and take a full dose right off the bat. Gradually introduce THC/CBD into your system. Begin with half a dose. Micro dosing cannabis edibles initially is a great way to know your optimum dosage.

4. Don’t mix with alcohol

Mixing alcohol with cannabis edibles is not recommended. You can drink water or fruit juice instead of taking booze. This will result in creating a spinning sensation which can be really uncomfortable.

Follow these useful tips to enjoy the experience of cannabis edibles.

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