A Brief Overview of Marijuana Infused Products (MIPs)

Marijuana Infused

Marijuana infused products (MIPs) are ordinary edibles and beverages until they are infused with marijuana extracts. These products allow a user to experience the effects of marijuana without having to smoke it, which can be injurious to health. A range of CBD and THC infused edibles and beverages are available across the states easily as recreational marijuana products are legalized now in 99% states and counties across the USA. Marijuana infused products are not limited to edibles and beverages only. Rather they are also available in the form of botanical, tinctures, soups, salty snacks, etc.

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Since MIPs have become far more common than what they used to be, thanks mainly to widespread legalization in many parts of the world, they have unlocked many doors of opportunities for businesses who can now earn good revenue by developing and offering different products infused with marijuana that can be ingested without resorting to smoking weed. Marijuana cultivators and product manufacturers have now come up with a range of cannabis infused products that range from edibles, lotions, tinctures to topicals and beverages. There are mainly two types of of MIPs offered by manufacturers- THC infused products and CBD infused products. The main difference between the two is that CBD infused products are non-psycho-active, which means that the user will not get ”high” which is commonly related to marijuana. It is due to this feature that CBD infused products are more in demand as compared to their THC infused counterparts.

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On the other hand, THC edibles in California and elsewhere in the states contain THC as their main ingredient which is the main psycho-active component of the cannabis plant. It is the primary agent responsible for creating that notorious ”high” effect related to recreational cannabis use. Research has suggested that whereas CBD may be a better choice for getting relief from inflammation and neuropathic pain, while THC infused products can help to get relief from spasticity and cramp related pain.

Coming to recreational CBD and THC infused edibles, beverages, and topicals, you can buy them easily from licensed drug stores and online sellers after verifying your identity and age. You can also get them delivered at your doorstep with selected online sellers to ensure secrecy and privacy.

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