Are Weed Vape Pens Safe?

Are Weed Vape Pens Safe?

Weed Vape Pens is the new craze among the youths, it is rapidly growing in popularity and as a result, it is also equally attracting a lot of interests in its safety. The Vape Pen is an elegant device, discreet and nearly odorless. It is perceived to be better than the old-fashioned joint.

It is a small electronic device which ranges from the size of a standard pen to a large cigar. A standard van pen has three components namely: a liquid cartridge called E-liquid that is used to produce the vapor, the atomizer which is the heating element and a rechargeable battery to power the atomizer. The device was created to be a better alternative to the old-fashioned method of smoking which has well-documented files on its harmful effect both to the human body and his/her environment.

There are some benefits of using Weed Vape Pens as opposed to the traditional cigars. One benefit is that it is a healthier alternative to smoking as vapor doesn’t release the tar and carcinogens created during combustion. The dangers associated with smoking does not hold the same for vaporing, one entails burning the substance which creates harmful chemicals while the other entails purely heating up the substance.

Another benefit is that it allows for easy and discreet use, it is portable, stylish and easy to store. The Vape pen aroma is also less potent than the traditional cigars and smoking techniques. The Vape pen does not require the use of strong deodorants to counter the odor as it is almost odorless and does not disturb the public. There is no need for buying a lot of chewing gums just to counter the effect on your breath.

How safe is Weed Vape Pens?

Safer the Inhaling particulates?

Safer then the pollution you have in the air around you?

People think Weed Vape Pens are safer than the traditional ‘burning rolls’ because it feels easier on the lungs and somewhat less dangerous.

There is a huge cause for alarm as the market is saturated with many substandard products that have questionable contents. Local manufacturers especially those home-making weed cooks are not subjected to the rigors of testing their products by a standardized body for safety. Securing safe vape pens is a subject that is increasingly concerning both the producer, consumer, and the observer.

There is no requirement to publicize the ingredients used in the weed Vape pen by government regulating authorities. This has raised various questions concerning what is in the Vape Pen? Is Vaping safe? Are the chemicals used harmless to the consumer? Why is there no strong regulations guiding the production of a popular and lightening-fast growing phenomenon in the society?

There are no conclusive studies showing that vane pens are dangerous to health as established with the traditional cigarettes. There have not been sufficient scientific studies done on them to come to the conclusion that vaping is altogether as dangerous and harmful as the smoking technique. Since there is no conclusive study it is difficult to know what the long-term health risks are.

The illegal status of marijuana in most states of the United States has created a vacuum inconclusive research and well-documented trials of the weed vape pens. For example, while there is a large stock of data and information about the harmful effects to human health relating to being exposed to these chemicals (weeds) or eating them raw as supplements in meals or for its own sake, there is no such large volume of data and information directly about the weed Vape pens.

There are also concerns about inhaling Butane leftovers which are harmful to human health. Vape Pen companies have a solution to this threat to consumer health, residual butane can be removed in a vacuum oven. Many Vape companies have shifted to using supercritical extraction machines that use CO2 instead of butane in producing these Vape pens.

Scientist has also raised alarm over the possible inhaling of two chemicals–neopentane and hexane chemical which are known to be harmful to humans in certain large concentrations level. These are some of the chemicals put into the lighter fluid (Vape pens) to help it flow freely through the pumps. Vaping companies also have a solution to this problem, a large number of them have adopted the supercritical extraction machines listed above that uses CO2 instead of butane to eliminate this risk to an extent.

The weed itself which is a critical component in the weed Vape pen is also a cause for health concern. The pesticides that the farmers use on the pot also constitute a health hazard. Pesticides are spread on these plants to prevent from insect attacks. This noble cause by the farmer to protect his plants can end up having harmful effects for humans. These pesticides are basically invisible and are known to cause cancer, scientists suggest they are more harmful in large concentrations.


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