CBD/THC Products: Are They Really Good?

Many states in America have already legalized medical marijuana and it is expected that remaining states too will fall in line. Not only America, but other countries are following the suit or considering alternatives. So, what is the current take on the legality and use of medical marijuana products such as THC lotions and topicals, CBD infused drinks, THC e-juices, CBD sauces, and many more? Are these products really good or just hyped up by stoners to get easy, legal access to legal weed? Let’s find out.

Topical Rollon-THC-infused

Stimulating Appetite: Cannabinoids such as THC have been found to increase food consumption in trials conducted on humans as well as animals. Patients who took THC have experienced a better appetite and sense of taste, felt more relaxed, and slept well. Appetite stimulation as a result of taking THC/CBD infused edibles and tinctures can be owed to the CB1 receptor active in numerous areas of the body that is also known to stimulate eating behavior.

Nausea and Vomiting: Cannabinoids have been found more effective than the placebo in reducing nausea and vomiting. Even patients have shown the preference for cannabinoid drugs as they have limited side-effects.

Pain Relief: While it is a fact that neither dronabinol or nabilone are approved by the FDA for pain management, it is also showed by several studies that these two compounds may be beneficial. People who smoke THC tinctures have reported a pain relief to some extent, improved sleep, with few side-effects. Various studies are carried out from time to time regarding the authenticity of pain relief reported from the use of cannabis-infused marijuana, and they have been proved authentic.

THC-CBD Tincture

Muscle Tension and Spasm: It has been suggested that marijuana may help to ease muscle tension and spasm, even though the results are conflicting. Oral intake of medical marijuana has resulted in the improvement in spastic and pain in many patients. Even athletes have started to use medical marijuana after rigorous training sessions to experience relief from muscle stiffness. Limited side-effects mean that these are now preferred by more people who experience muscle tension, stiffness, and spasm.

THC/CBD infused edibles and topical are now widely available across the states. It can be bought online after verifying your identity with the authorized seller.

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