Facts You Need to Know Before You Buy Recreational Weed in California Legally

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If you are a weed lover but want to have it without breaking the rule of law, you must look for a licensed weed store in California. Recreational marijuana has been put on sale with the beginning of this year at licensed stores across California and that’s one good news for weed lovers. However, that does not mean just about anyone can buy it, especially if you are a minor. Law requires you to be of 18 years of age or older to buy recreational marijuana from a licensed store after verifying your identity and age with the seller.

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Here’s what you need to know before you buy weed in California.

  • You can buy 1 ounce of recreational cannabis per day. You can buy 8 ounces per day also, provided you have a medical condition and have a proper authorization from a licensed doctor.
  • There are a lot of strains of marijuana, but you cannot sample them at licensed marijuana stores. Also, you cannot smoke marijuana in most public places including those located in proximity with day care centers and schools.

Where can I buy weed in California Legally?

  • Yes, there’s now an option of ordering recreational marijuana or cannabis infused products online with select online retailers and have them delivered at your doorstep, though you’ll have to find out if the online sellers delivers in your location or not. You can buy legal marijuana after verifying your identity and age with the licensed online seller.
  • It is legal to transport recreational marijuana in your vehicle provided the container it comes in remains sealed and it is stored in the trunk. You cannot transport it across state lines, even if it is legal in the other state.
  • A licensed weed store in California sells more than only buds of marijuana. You can buy other products infused with marijuana extracts. These include topical creams, tinctures, liquids and concentrates. Edible marijuana products are also available in the form of cookies, candies, chocolates, sushi, drinks etc.
  • You can talk to ”bud tenders” who have an advanced knowledge of cannabis. If you still don’t understand what you’re buying, do not buy it.

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