As of 1st January 2018, CBD oil will no longer have a place on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited list. This means that WADA have agreed that CBD should no longer be classed as a performance enhancer and can now be taken legally by athletes when they are in or out of competition. This is a huge step for the future of CBD, as it has finally been released of its stigmatised link with illegal drugs within the sporting world.

Is CBD oil legal?

Many ask, ‘Is CBD oil legal?’. CBD oil products are legal to purchase in the UK, as they do not have the psychoactive properties that other substances from the same plant present. Health Rack have multiple avenues to choose from if you wish to begin using CBD oil, including CBD Gel Tablets or a CBD Oil Dropper. Health Rack also have capsules, Cacao Capsules, vape liquid and oil syringes that are also very popular.

CBD oil, until the end of 2017, is prohibited for athletes, because of its ties to other illegal cannabis products, and the presence of CBD in drug tests would be enough to ban an athlete. However, after the announcement that CBD oil will no longer be illegal for sport, athletes can rejoice. Although, there is a limit to the traces of CBD that can be present, so it may be sensible for athletes to use CBD oil a little more sparingly during competition time.

What CBD oil is used for?

The question ‘what is CBD oil used for?’ has a number of answers, and changes from person to person. The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology studied the effects of CBD oil and found that it can have a range of potential properties when ingested. These possible properties of CBD are the common reason for athletes to take the CBD oil supplement.

Is CBD oil safe?

Of course, all supplements and medications are designed to manipulate how the body works, no matter how slight the change may be, and thus have potential side effects. But there have been numerous studies developed to investigate CBD oil and the results have found that CBD oil is safe to use, due to minimal reported side effects.

The negative side effects associated with other illegal cannabis products are not mimicked by CBD oil, so there is almost no risk of anxiety, paranoia or chronic psychosis. Although, it is important to consult a doctor if you have any existing conditions, as there is the possibility of dry mouth, drowsiness, low blood pressure and lightheadedness.

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