What Exactly Is Liquid Pot, or THC E-juice?

THC E-juices

With the legalization of medical marijuana expanding across various states, more and more marijuana infused products, both edibles and topicals, are making their way into local and online medical stores. You can buy thc detox products online if you are living in California and must be 21 years of age or older. Though the range of products is long, the latest addition to this long list is liquid pot, or THC E-juice. As its name suggests, it contains psychoactive compound THC extracted from the marijuana flowers. It is available in liquid form and usually purchased in cartridges.

What is THC E-juice?

Liquid THC is loaded up into a vaporizer pen to be smoked from that. It is made with hash or fresh bud flowers. Buds are soaked in alcohol for at least couple of weeks and shaken every day for THC to dissolve in the alcohol. After that, the buds or hash are strained away and glycerine is added to the solution, and leftover is a tincture. Some commercial companies that are involved in the making of medical cannabis products add flavor to their tincture for extra flavor when used for recreational or medical purposes.

How good it really is?

It is actually very good if you judge the quality of your smoke by its ”strength”. Smoking thc tinctures is smoking highly concentrated version of marijuana. It is well known that THC is the main component of marijuana which contains approximately 20 percent THC. However, a good quality tincture can contain THC as high as 90 percent, so you have to be really careful with how much you smoke. High thc content means if you smoke it in excess, it can be dangerous. Moderate use has been found to result in increased relaxation and creativity by some users.


Is is legal in the USA?

THC tincture, or liquid pot, is legal for sale in states like Colorado, California and Washington state. It is still unregulated, as it is relatively new product. If you are 21 years of age or older, you can buy thc tinctures online after verifying your identity and age with the seller. Online sellers of thc infused products generally carry out verification process before any order is processed.

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  1. ohioqwerty says:

    The 2/1 ratio tincture works great. Also the dark Amber colored cartridges seem better to me so definitely worth the extra money u can take two hits and be feeling great.

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